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How do I get charged?

Jumper charges subscription and transaction service fees
Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 3 months ago

With most of our pricing plans consisting of two components, subscription and transaction service fees, we have tried to simplify how we bill our clients:


With the exception of the Pay as you Go (PAYG) plan, all other plans have a monthly (or annual) subscription fee. This is charged at the beginning of each period, on the credit card you put on file, and will be renewed automatically every period.

Cancel anytime - there are no contracts. However, no refunds are provided for the remainder of the period for which you subscribed. 

When you cancel your subscription plan, your account will automatically be transferred to the PAYG at the end of the last subscription period, and the relevant transaction service fees will be applied on each order post the end of subscription period.

Transaction service fees

The transaction service fees are variable, and is dependant on the sales you make. Our fees are a percentage of the transacted value of each transaction via Jumper. We will accumulate all transaction service fees on a weekly basis, and charge your credit card on a weekly basis, in USD.

For all accounts with the currenncy other than USD, we will convert the fees into USD using average daily exchange rates from industry accepted platforms, and make the charge in USD.

If you have any questions on the billing and subscription, feel free to reach us on live support.

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