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Adding your Menu

Configure your menu and start taking orders online immediately
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Your menu can be configured on Jumper in a few easy steps. Before you start configuring it, do start thinking of the categories and the dishes you will add to the menu. 

Each category can have multiple dishes, and each dish can have multiple options (such as size, flavour), add-ons, and ingredients which customers can customize. Additionally, there is a space for customers to also type in any instructions they may want to add (e.g., Make it spicy)

Below, we will walk you through the steps of setting up the menu

Basic Menu Setup

The menu can be setup by heading over to the F&B > Manage Menu section on the left of your dashboard.

Give your menu a name for you to remember, select an image and now get ready to set-up the items

Menu Categories and Dishes

  1. To start, Add a Category to the menu. Categories can be anything such as "Appetizers", "Starters", "Mains", "Dessert" or "Drinks" in the case for restaurants. For cafes, they can be "Food", "Coffee", "Tea". See below an example of how we set it up for a cafe

    When adding a category, using an Image is optional, but recommended. Also, you can now select which are the hours this menu is available for. For example, if these are breakfast items, select the breakfast hours you setup in the Openings Hours section

    Note: If you have multiple categories, and wish to display images during the customer experience, please ensure each category has an image uploaded.
  2. Now, we need to add dishes to the category. Click on Add menu item
  3. Add the menu item name, a description (keep it short), the image, price in your set currency, and tax percentage. See example below:
  4. Once saved, you will see the menu item added within the category. Now, to be able to customise the options and selections for the dish, click on Show menu items, followed by a click on Menu item options
  5. Use this screen to give options to your customers. This can include: variations such as size, flavour, add-ons, ingredients (so the customer can choose to remove any)

If you are adding multiple items with similar menu item options, you can just copy over the option from an existing item

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