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Managing Orders

View, manage and notify customers on order status
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Updated 3 months ago

So, you have your menu setup for Jumper, and your social media channels and payment methods connected, and you are ready for your first order. But, how do you manage it on Jumper?

Order notifications

Good news is, for every new order on Jumper, you will receive a notification on the dashboard, along with a sound - and you can click on the link to go and view the order

Tip: Always stay logged in to the Jumper dashboard when you are ready and in operating hours. You can use any computer, tablet or a smartphone to view these orders

Order Management

All the orders you receive are available on the Orders page. You can also click on the Check order link to view the latest orders. By default, the Orders page is set to view orders of the current day, and split in 3 buckets:

  • New orders
  • Being prepared
  • Order ready

🛎️ New orders

All new orders will show under this bucket. You can view the order details, including Order ID, items ordered, pick-up time, order type (dine-in/pickup), total amount, and if it is paid or pending cash payment at the counter. All other details such as Customer name, etc. will also be captured.

Clicking on Start preparing will move it to the Being prepared bucket, helping you keep track of all orders

👩🏻‍🍳 Being prepared

Once you click on Start preparing, the orders will move to Being prepared. This helps you keep a track of all orders and its status. All details of the order are still accessible by clicking on the order card.

When its prepared, you can click on Order ready.

✅ Order ready

On clicking Order ready, the order will move to the last bucket, and it will:

  • notify the user on the same social media channel where they ordered from
  • notify you if payment is pending
  • give you the option to mark it as complete when paid and/or delivered

Once complete, it will move off the bucket and listed below as Completed orders, enabling you to manage pending and new orders easily.

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