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Default Checkout Templates

What are the default templates and what they mean
Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 3 months ago

With Jumper our goal is to get you up and running as fast as possible. Keeping that in mind we've enabled checkout templates right out of the box.

HINT: There's a markplace full of templates coming soon!

You can edit the tonality of the checkout flow in many ways by creating separate template copies and assigning specific products to it, let me guide you how; though first let me explain each template:

What is a Sales Template?

This is a flow that one goes through a traditional checkout process on websites, only faster and more optimised towards conversations. Once this is coupled with AI Setup - it's super powerful. I'll explain this in the article here.

What is a Popup Template?

Imagine this, you're running an offline popup shop, or even maybe a booth at an event. You wouldn't need to take the address of the person who is in front of you physically there, buying your product - right?

This template basically is triggered when you disable one or both of these that further reduce the path to purchase quickly!

Once you toggle these off, they become Popup Template flows.

Similarly, once you create a Collection, you'll see two additional templates

  • Collection Template &
  • Collection Popup Template

You may ask,

Okay Andy - now what are these?

I'll explain,

What is a Collection Template?

It's like a mini-store within your favourite messaging apps, social media or wherever you choose to embed the experience.

When you create a collection of your products with categories, it's more like an Add-to-cart feature automatically toggled on. This gives your customers to buy more than 1 product of different types:

For example, I want to buy 1 T-shirt, 1 pair of shoes and 1 baseball cap in the quickest possible way. This is achieved by creating a collection

A Collection Template is an extension to the Sales Template which too can be customized and localized to any language and tonality.

What is a Collection Popup Template?

Imagine this, you're running a popup store and want your customers to checkout with multiple items.. Collection Popup Template is exactly that, mainly removing the need to ask for address as your customers are physically present in front of you already!

Last but not the least,

What is a Messenger Shop Template? (beta)

This is your Storefront giving your customers your store details upfront.

  1. Your top Collections or Products (you should keep this up-to-date)
  2. Your Store policies (Refund, Cancellation, Shipping etc)
  3. View previous orders and past purchases
  4. Loyalty program and details
  5. Frequently asked questions
  6. Contact us (This is a must have should your customers want to reach you)

You don't have to manually add these, most of the above are taken in from your Store Settings. Though you will need to make sure to update your top Collections or Products on a regular basis and set up Loyalty progams too!

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