Guess what? You can link multiple products as a collection to a single #hashtag.

Step 1 : Go to products and click add new.

Add new

Step 2 : Add a name, pick a #hashtag, cover image and description for your collection.

Product details

Step 3: Select my product has variations.

Variations toggle on

Add the product category, collection or style as the 1st attribute. Further in the 2nd and 3rd variation attribute add the different product and their variations.

For example if you are selling super hero merchandise :
You can add the 1st attribute as Characters and add Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, as attribute values
The 2nd attribute as product type and add Mugs, Bags, Caps, T-shirts and Socks as attribute values.
You can add size as the 3rd attribute and add the size variations available.

Collection attributes

If your other product types do not have a variation or have a different variation you can always delete or edit the attribute values under them.

Attribute Mug has no size variations anymore (removed by clicking "x")

You can remix the above as per your own products and checkout experience.

You can also add an image to each collection, product or variation, while adding the attribute names and values you can simply tick the checkbox next to image

Variation images enabled

and add the respective images in the table below.

Add each variation image

Step 4: Toggle on/off if you allow customers to pay Cash on Delivery, add custom notes for your, and the maximum amount that they can buy and click save.

CoD, Notes, More quantity checkout toggles

Note: Currently your customers will only be able to checkout with one product. We will be adding the option for cart checkout shortly.
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