To enable and integrate jumper with your Instagram posts, ensure you have:

Subscribed to the Instagram Channel Add-on ( Go to Billing -> Add-ons and click on the Subscribe button under Instagram )
Connected your Instagram Account. You can do it from Business Settings -> Integrations. Next, Click on the connect button on the Instagram Card)

Once you have successfully connected your Instagram, you can add and link products to your Instagram account using any of the following option :

Option 1: Send automated product details to users who comment with #product on your feed posts

Comment Sales empower you to instant message your product details to customers who comment on your posts.

Steps to ensure jumper works flawless for you, follow 'em below:

Post your product image/video on your Instagram profile.
Add or import the product on the jumper dashboard. You can do this from Products -> Add New.
Link the product to the Instagram post you just created (or any other unlinked post). You can do it using the "Share" option after Save Product or from Products -> Manage -> Share (Click the Instagram Icon) -> Select the Instagram post(s) to link to -> Click save.

products->manage products->instagram share


enabling product #hashtags on posts


A few tips and things to keep in mind as currently Instagram is restricting auto DMs. We are working with them for a solution to make this simpler ;)

1. Your customers need to connect their Instagram and Messenger accounts for this feature to work. They only need to do this once - ie: via any Instagram store using jumper. The users can connect the same by clicking on this link : or by following the instructions in @shopwithmessenger bio - here's a screenshot for your reference

@shopwithmessenger instructions

2. The customer must have at-least once interacted with your Page's FB Messenger account. I.e if a user has connected his Instagram and Messenger but has never before interacted with your FB page on Messenger, they would receive a message from jumper which would redirect them to your messenger checkout.

Don't you worry, this is seamless too.

3. Instagram Rate Limit: Instagram and Facebook carefully control the usage of this feature. To protect your accounts from blocking, jumper limits the response rate per minute. This means popular pages may experience longer delivery times if there is a big influx of comments in a short amount of time.

Option 2: Reply and answer queries, when users comment with pre-defined keywords on your feed posts

Add your products and link to the Instagram posts as mentioned in Option 1.
Ensure you are subscribed to the Keywords Autoresponder Add-on. You can do so from Billing > Add-ons > Keywords Autoresponder Card > Click on Subscribe button.
Add your keywords and link to or add your predefined replies. You can do so from Products > Keywords Autoresponder > Add new keyword.

Note : You can select or add only one reply for each Keyword.

Tip : It's good to keep your messaging clear when you are using Option 1 and 2. Below is sample visual to define how you can create your posts and compose your text while using these options.

For more details, please head to this article on Educating your customer on Instagram

Option 3: Enabling users to click on a link and choose whether they want to buy using Web chat or in Messenger.

For each store and product, we automatically generate web pages, which as per the users preference redirects them either to a web chatbot or your Messenger bot. Below is a list of links which you can add anywhere - on your bio, post product tags?,
story links

Shop link : Shows the list of all your product hashtags added on/imported to the jumper dashboard. Example :

Single product page link : Gives the details of the product(s) link to the hashtag with button to either checkout on Messenger or using the web bot. Example :

Magic Message link : When clicked automatically sends the product card as a message to the user's Messenger account. Example :

Note Facebook may require new users to click Get Started button in Messenger to start the conversation.

Web bot link : Opens a web chatbot, which walks the users through the checkout within the page itself. Example :

Note this is particularly beneficial if your users don't have Messenger.

You can and should indeed leverage on the above mentioned links when chatting with customers using Instagram DM, WhatsApp, e-mails, Snapchat etc.

Option 4: Instagram Ads and Message Now Button.

You can publish sponsored ads on Instagram using the Facebook Ads Manager or you can also visit Advertising on Instagram

Running ads on Facebook? Have a quick look here.
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