By now, you must've already added a product on jumper. If not, no worries. See it here: (Adding a product)

It is key to educate your users on how to buy through various means jumper offers.

A call-to-action that works really well, we'll break it down per social media channel to help you get a clearer understanding.

Here's a quick run-through:
You can share the product from jumpers dashboard as soon as you've created the product, see image below:

Share your product

Now, you click the Twitter icon, you'll see the popup box which has the text written for you already. Hit share and that's it.

Share to Twitter + Call-to-action

Experience the demo by clicking here to see the magic. Follow @benchwarmerssg and retweet

Last but not the least, if you forgot to share the product immediately after creating it, go straight to products->manage products and click the Twitter icon next to the relevant product. :)
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