Live auctions are the most trending lately to sell your products or services on Facebook in an interactive way. jumper leverages on this and enables to you boost engagement while automatically getting users to buy or subscribe to your products and services.

Here's a quick walk-through on how to use the promote plan automate your Facebook Live auctions.

Step 1 : Start a Facebook Live video on your page (don't forget to give the video a call-to-action)

Go live!

Step 2: Go to promote tab on the jumper dashboard and select add new.

Promote - add new

Step 3: Give your auction campaign a name and select the Facebook live video you just created.

Auction Name and choose a post from the drop down

Step 4: Now add product codes and the value for which you want to sell them as keywords. In the reply section add the payment instructions. Repeat the same for other products.

Setting this up

Note: When a product is sold out, simply remove the keyword or change it's reply to sold out. You can also add more keywords and replies at any time during your live stream. Simply hit save after each new change.

Additionally if you want to engage and send automated replies to other bidders who didn't match your pre-set pricing, you can set default reply to "Yes" and then simply add the general reply.

You can also define the keywords on which you don't want to send any replies.

Note : The promote plan currently only works with comments on Facebook posts.
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