These are words you'll commonly see when you use jumper.

1. Magic Message links:
Magic message links are a very powerful feature set of jumper. These are generated run-time depending on your product hashtag. These can then be shared in various ways to drive conversions and surprise your customers.

Here's some ways for you to note:
Embedding these links in blogs, websites and e-mailers
Share these on WhatsApp, Kik etc
Have them driving sales on Facebook Groups, Slack

Example of a magic message link: Try it by clicking here.

2. Web-bot links:
Web-bot links are similar to magic message links, though in this case a bot is triggered right in their browser/app window. Broadly used for customers who are not on Facebook.

Some interesting hacks we've seen:
Instagrammers use this as their link to promote a single product at a time.
Regularly circulated on WhatsApp and Slack.
Fancy engagements in e-mail.

Example of a web-bot link: Try it by clicking here.

3. Auto-reply:
Auto-reply is a term often used with jumper to drive sales and replies from comments to the customers inbox. This is to drive engagement as not everyone would comment with a #hashtag, they'd use things like, "price please", "DM me", "do you ship to .." etc.

These can all be enabled to set auto-replies via the keyword-autoresponder add-on.

4. Integration:
Integrations are a key part of jumpers engine. They're basically connectors to social media channels, calendars, Shopify etc.

5. Add-ons:
The best of the best tools to make selling easier are rolled out on a regular basis.
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