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Setting up your F&B Online Ordering system on Jumper
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Updated 3 months ago

Jumper.ai provides an effective way to utilise your social media channels and turn them into an ordering channel, making it convenient for your customers.

For steps to set-up, see below the key sections you will need to look into:

Store setup >

Business profile

Provide the basic contact details of your F&B establishment, including:

  • logo;
  • business e-mail and phone number (these will be communicated to the customer when they place an order)

Location settings

  • Location: Enter the address of your F&B establishment
    Note: Google will auto-fill the address based on your inputs. Please verify any further details on the unit/store number that will need to be added
  • Opening Hours: Select the days and the timings that your F&B establishment is open. There are two types of opening hours: Regular (your daily opening hours) and Event (occasional closed days or holidays). See examples here.
  • Delivery radius: If you offer delivery, select 'Yes' and enter the radius in terms of distance from your location. Currently, we only support the ability to create one zone using the delivery radius
  • Dine-in: If you have no dine-in at your establishment, select 'No'. If you do have dining space, please select 'Yes'. The customer will be prompted to choose his order type (Dine-in / Pickup / Delivery) at the time they start the order based on these settings
  • Advanced pick-up order options: Certain establishments may take advanced orders of more than a day earlier. Please select the appropriate value based on your policy
  • Collect mobile-number: Would you like to have the ability to contact your customer at a later stage? Select 'Yes' and we will prompt the customer to provide their mobile number
  • Average order preparation time: This is important for two reasons. Based on the value, when a customer starts the order process, the earliest they can pick-up will be after the time you have selected. Secondly, if you select to notify the customer with an Order ready message automatically, it will use this time selected and auto-message the user. You can select 'No' to trigger manual updates 

Payment methods

  • Accepting payments is a key part of the online ordering process. You can connect a payment gateway under Store setup > Payment methods > Available methods to select the right one for you. You can also accept cash on counter, however the process to manage that will be outside of Jumper.ai
Don't see a payment option that you are looking for? Do let us know if you have a specific one you use and we can let you know if it's coming soon. If not, we can add it to our feature/integration request list and it will be prioritised if more request for it
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