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Unique experiences, Building your Messenger lists and conversations from the popup that convert!
Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 3 months ago

Popups are an amazing medium to generate leads, no doubt about it. My question always was around - what next?

So, you built a list to distribute coupon codes, nice! E-mail them? That's the old way.. you've got me engaged to give you my e-mail, why not make me checkout right at the moment of inspiration or even engage me on Instant Messengers? 💬

Research says, we engage more over Instant gratification than on e-mail as it requires me go a full loop from 

  • Checking my e-mail, that could potentially land up in Promotions, Updates or even SPAM. Duh! All these marketing, for this? NAHHHHHH
  • Let's assume I see your e-mail.. what do I do next? Click on the embedded link that drives me to the website and now theres a potential I'd see the popup message again. NOOOOOOO.
  • Let's change that with Jumper powered Popups! 💪

Let's jump right in to it..

On the Jumper dashboard, you'll find the Popup Builder in Growth tools and alternatively through the Marketing Automation card.

Now you know where it is, let's jump right to creating your first Popup and activating it right away to test; shall we?

<div id="jumperPopupContainer" data-jmpr_theme="1" data-jmpr_headline="50% off" data-jmpr_description="Get your coupon code right here 👇" data-jmpr_inputtextlabel="" data-jmpr_placeholder="" data-jmpr_note="" data-jmpr_buttontext="Give me the COUPON now" data-jmpr_secondarybutton="" data-jmpr_secondarybuttonlink="" data-jmpr_dismiss="" data-jmpr_backgroundimage="https://jumper.ai/jump-image/ag9zfmp1bXBlci0xNDc4MDZyGAsSC0p1bXBlcmltYWdlGICAwMLwvJgJDA" data-jmpr_backgroundHorizontalPosition="50" data-jmpr_backgroundVerticalPosition="50" data-jmpr_backgroundColor="#195ff8" data-jmpr_fontColor="#ffffff" data-jmpr_buttonColor="#0084ff" data-jmpr_fontFamily1="Roboto" data-jmpr_fontFamily2="Roboto" data-jmpr_position="Center" data-jmpr_timeout="30" data-jmpr_shopLink="geeksahoy" data-jmpr_hashtag_popup="#product1" data-jmpr_callToAction="Messenger" data-jmpr_showCustomLink="false" data-jmpr_customLink="" data-jmpr_couponCode="" data-jmpr_askEmail="false" data-jmpr_popupId="4668762734198784"></div><script src="https://jumper.ai/widget/js/popup-sdk.js?v=9"></script>

Types of Popups:

  1. Informational
  2. Transactional
  3. E-Mail collector
  4. E-mail collector + Coupon code + Sale
  5. Messenger List builder
  6. WhatsApp list builder
  7. LINE list builder
  8. Single Product/Collection Page Magnet
  9. Influencer/Blog Attribution Popup
  10. Send traffic to your product on Market places via affiliate websites?
  11. Send and attribute traffic conversions from your websites

If you found a way to do it differently, share it with us and we'll put it up here and give you the creativity credit.

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