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Connecting Shopify

Connect and manage products, send orders to and fro
Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 3 months ago

So you already have a Shopify store and are looking for an alternative? Great! 🤩


You're here to increase your digital foot-print and go truly omni-commerce! 💪

Let's quickly connect Shopify to Jumper

Login to Shopify and click on Apps 

Click Manage private apps

Now's the time to create a new private app

Give the app a name for easier recollection, we recommend calling it Jumper

The steps that follow now are of utmost importance to pass orders to and fro, keep your inventory in synch and settings to make sure your customers have a smooth journey.. grand Read & Write access to all highlighted fields.

Now that this is done, just a few tiny bits to make sure we're all set. Click and give the API permissions as it's shown the image below

Copy the API key and Password token to paste into Jumper Dashboard

Finally, the Storefront access token to wrap it up

Your Shopify store URL can be found here below

As always, should you have any doubt.. please reach out to us anytime. You can alternatively watch our Free Video Course too!

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