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Using Live Chat

Monitor conversations and seamlessly transfer between bot and human
Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 3 months ago

Currently, this feature only works for Facebook, LINE, Twitter, WhatsApp and iMessage. Other channels will be added soon

Our Live Chat feature allows you or your customer service teams to monitor conversations that your customers are having with your page, and seamlessly:

  • allow human agents to takeover a bot conversation
  • pass a human conversation to a bot (resume existing flow or start a new flow)

This works for all automated flows, including Jumper's core checkout flows, or custom flows that you create in your account.

If you are logged into the Jumper dashboard, you will be notified if a user requires help, with an icon on the top right corner of the dashboard

Takeover conversations

Every conversation that a customer engages with on your connected Facebook page will be visible to you on Live Chat. The conversations will appear in real-time, and you will see where users are, and identify if any of the users require help which Jumper is unable to answer. In such a case, a human agent can takeover a conversation from right within the dashboard.

For any conversation, you can click on the user name on the left panel and view the entire conversation they are having with your page. If the user is engaged with a Jumper flow, you will see the Takeover conversation button. Clicking on the button will pause the Jumper bot, and allow you to intervene and answer any questions you may have.

Transfer conversations to Jumper bot

Similar to taking over conversations, the Live Chat module allows the human agents to transfer the conversation to the Jumper bot. This is useful in cases where a human agent did a takeover to answer questions; or even when responding to generic customer queries - once you have identified that the customer intends to purchase.

The options you can choose include:

  • Start a product or collection flow: Select which product checkout flow to transfer to customer
  • Start a custom flow: Select a custom flow created in your dashboard within the Create flows section
  • Transfer conversation to bot: Resume the current bot flow that the customer was engaged in
  • Stop current flow: Stop the current bot flow that the customer was engaged in

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